Say yes to yourself


Worth It

Look in the mirror and tell us what you see. Do you see a lost little girl or boy, or do you see a badass motha? I’ll tell you what we see, a badass motha! You know why? Because you were made that way. You are uniquely different and uniquely amazing. You are a divine creator. Greatness lives inside you. You may not believe it, and you may think we’re full of shit, and yet we still believe in you.

In the grand scheme of things, we are one, we are all connected. We didn’t always believe in ourselves, in our worth, in our greatness...or in yours for that matter. For most of our lives, we abided by the outside world’s conditions, we allowed those conditions to affect our thoughts and actions and ignored the fire burning within. So, naturally that fire dwindled to the point where you couldn’t see it and we couldn’t feel it.

And then, we started to feed it. We started to listen to our passions and pursue them, to take care of our bodies and nourish them, to learn about our world and seek truth, to connect to our consciousness and awaken, to create from our hearts and inspire. In short, we started living again. This time from the inside out. This time for ourselves. We got fired up for all the things that we identified as missing in ourselves and the world, and we took action to be the change we wished to see. And all it took was realizing that we are worth it!

Now, we ignite the spirit, now we empower others to stand in their greatness, now we co-create the world we want to see. We run our engines hot, and it is so cool! Ready to get fired up and start living for yourself?

Feel your rhythm, feel your ride, get on up, it’s action time…You’re Worth It!!


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Step out of your small and into your Big.
You are meant to do Big things. Live like it.

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