Fin & Feather Inn

If you are looking for a place to stay that has small town charm, high end class, a rugged upscale mountain vibe, and a breakfast that would make granny blush, look no farther than the Finn & Feather Inn in Victor, Idaho.  We extended our stay here twice because we just had to have the breakfast again, and then again.  And that is nothing to say of the world-class hospitality you receive at this place.  It’s a true gem in Victor, a short drive from Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park.  The town has some great eats and drinks, including breweries and huckleberry specialties.  Of all the accommodations Big Adventure Living has stayed in all the lands, Finn & Feather Inn gets top billing.  It’s a BAL Must Stay Accommodation!  Please enjoy thoroughly.

Victor, Idaho

Diamante Waterfall and Cave Overnight Experience

Have you ever slept in a cave in the jungle underneath a waterfall?  We hadn’t either until we went on the Diamante Waterfall and Cave Camping adventure tour.  This two-day overnight affair is the coolest activity we did in all our time in Costa Rica.  This tour starts with a several hour hike up into the jungle.  You get to sample some awesome plants in the garden about halfway to the cave.  When you get to the cave, see if you can snag one of the beds as close to the waterfall as possible.  Lunch and dinner the first day, and breakfast the next morning, are organic and vegetarian with ingredients grown in the local gardens and literally carried to the cave on horseback and foot where they are then freshly prepared by your guide.  After lunch, you hike farther up the mountain to a secluded swimming hole where you can jump off the 20-foot cliff and swim in the pristinely cool water.  Then, you hike on to the Diamante Waterfall where you can watch the sunset from the top of the Falls.  Dinner in the cave is eaten by real candle light, and with a full and happy belly, you fall into deep dreams to the smooth rhythm of the rushing waterfall. Magical, whimsical, and wonderful.  Now we know what Peter Pan must have felt like when he got to Neverland.  This is a BAL Must Do Activity! Please enjoy thoroughly.

Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica

Heliconia Restaurant

You know that feeling when you have a dish, and it is so superbly magnificent, that your mouth waters at the mere thought of it?  That is the trout at Heliconia in Ojochal, Costa Rica.  It might as well be called the Legendary Trout; it is that good and by far the best we have ever had anywhere. And the best thing is the goodness extends throughout the menu – – the chicken wings are some of the best in Costa Rica, and the drinks are solid.  Had we bigger stomachs or more time, we would have tried everything.  We went 4 times, and let us tell you, that is not enough!  We will be back.  This is our favorite restaurant in Costa Rica, and one of our favorites anywhere.  It’s a BAL Must Eat!  Please enjoy thoroughly.

Ojochal, Costa Rica


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