Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I remember that verse from youth group back in the day. It speaks to God’s word lighting up the path to guide you. To paraphrase, it says let Love be a Lighthouse and guide your ship.

A Lighthouse, as a structure, is tall, strong, grounded deeply, immovable, consistent, and steady. It is dependable. It identifies obstacles and shines light on them. It is unshakeable and withstands – – storms, wind, time. It is an architectural marvel. It also requires a team, a support system to keep its windows clean and its light shining brightly into darkness. A muddy lighthouse can sink ships. It cannot do its job on its own and requires maintenance.

A Lighthouse, as a person (a man in our example here), is much the same as the structure, except it doesn’t have to be tall, it just has to stand tall. Perhaps the closest similarity is being grounded deeply. He knows he is 100% responsible, he is consistent and committed to his mission. He does not chase boats around. Rather, his heart is so full of Love and Light that it spills over and shines his truth into darkness. And what truth does he shine?

I am Light, I am Love. I glow when the world around me fades. I am immovable in my faith, in my commitment to my purpose. I am steadfast. I do not take in, I put out. I am the Source, the generator. I need support and gladly receive my regular window cleaning and maintenance from my team. This way I can do my job. And what is my job? To shine and shine brightly so that the ships may find their way home.


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