Our What and Why

Our Big Adventure Life keeps getting Bigger by focusing on our what and why.  What is our objective, our goal, our mission, the outcome or thing that we want?  And then, of paramount importance, why do we want it?  Those are the key inputs to living a life of abundance.  When you nail down the what and why, you can focus with drive and motivation.  And what you focus on grows brighter.


We are less concerned with the how and the when, as we trust (and have experienced) that the Universe works for good for those who believe.  That’s not to say just blindly go for it however you want; rather, we’re saying that when you’re on a journey aiming for something specific, you will ultimately get to where you want to go if you put in focused work, keep taking steps, finding the path as you go, and keep the faith.


This has to do with manifesting the reality you want, and what we want is deeper connection, to be full of Light and Love, to learn and grow, to pursue our passions, and to have new experiences and Big Adventures.  We also want to share our journey in order to be an inspiration to others’ self-discovery and growth, so that they may give their gifts to the world, and we can all receive them.


Why do we want to do this?  Because we believe the only real thing is Love, that we are all connected, that everyone has the power of the Universe inside of them and greatness to offer, and that the more people in the world living from their hearts following their passion and purpose, the more we all benefit.
Our Yeslosophy

We have a creed by which we live. It helps guide our decision making, our action taking, it grounds us in principles and values that show us the way. Our creed revolves around saying YES - - to adventure, to yourself, and to abundance:

Say Yes to Adventure: Everything you want in life is outside your comfort zone. What is your comfort zone? It’s your same old same. In order to grow, you have to push
through your fears and insecurities and start down a new path. We do this by taking the steps, with an open mind and heart, saying Yes to the adventures the Universe presents us with.

Say Yes to Yourself: What do you want for your life? Most can tell you what they don’t want, but few have put the time and energy into getting an inspired vision from their heart and taking action toward it. The truth of the matter is you are a child of God, a powerful creator with unique gifts to bring to the world. Treat yourself like the gift that you are. Say Yes to that fire burning in your soul, what lights you up. You are your own best investment - not stocks, not crypto, not gold – you. And you’re worth it!

Say Yes to Abundance: All possibilities already exist in the Universe. If you can tune your energy up and in to the possibility you want, it’s within your grasp. Most people say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” However, the truth is you’ll see it when you believe it.
When you view the world and your existence in it from a place of abundance, you believe the world is happening For you. You can give and receive unconditionally because you know there is more than enough to go around. Let go of your fear and control. The Universe has your back! Keep firing.

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