When people think of loving one another, it’s easy to limit ourselves to that which we know and admire deeply — family, partners, friends or even hobbies or things we hold dear.

But the Love that is the fabric of our existence goes far beyond the emotional love and connection we give to our inner circle.

You see, once it’s grasped that we are all connected, that energy can't be created nor destroyed, and we are all creations originating from the same Source, the beauty that is revealed is our unity and oneness — spanning country, race, species, and time.

Looking for and focusing on division, fear, “I’m better than’s”, and tearing others down for their differences, shines a mirror upon our own perspectives, our insecurities and ultimately our diminished love for ourselves.

When our existence is spent seeing the greatness in others and offering space and acceptance to be the Love that they are, we are showing others and ourselves what is possible and simply letting the Love that Is shine through.


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