As we reflect on our travels since June of last year, we’re filled with a Big sense of gratitude. Our journey has already been transformational, and it’s still just beginning.

After we quit our jobs in March 2020 to travel the world, only to have our last day be the day the world shut down, we were scared. We had just relinquished the safety and security of good jobs and a good life only to be met with confusion and uncertainty.

What if we had just waited and hunkered down? What if we only planned for so much and returned back to our former life after a couple months? What if we had said “No” to our hearts because of the doubts in our heads?

We wouldn’t have almost frozen to death in Utah our first night of camping, we wouldn’t have experienced the farmers’ market in Columbia Falls, we wouldn’t have eaten our way through Seattle on back to back weekends, we wouldn’t have swam in Colchuck or gotten lost in Plitvice, we wouldn’t have had that boat day with our friend Manu or know how much we love Italian mules, we wouldn’t have seen the glorious sunsets in Rovinj or watched the birds and swans for hours on end on Lake Ohrid, we wouldn’t have ziplined over the crystal blue river of Tara Canyon or shared rakia and hearts with new friends in Albania, we wouldn’t have gotten closer to family over rich conversations on the perch in Jaco, and we wouldn’t have spent the night camping in a cave underneath a waterfall. And we definitely wouldn’t be following our hearts on a passionate pursuit to spread Light and Love in this world.

When you start saying yes, exploring what’s in your heart, and letting go, it’s amazing how the world starts to open up to you.


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