One night in a hopeless place
Lucifer came to me
With promises of better days
And quite the simple plea…

He said, “Give me all your problems
You need no longer try
I’ll assume responsibility
If only you’ll comply;

I’ll take all your emotion
So you won’t have to cry
I’ll bear your burdens for you
If only you’ll comply;

I’ll reset all your debts
And provide you UBI
You’ll get this security
If only you’ll comply;

I’ll inject you with a potion
So you won’t think you’ll die
I’ll clothe you as a savior
If only you’ll comply;

I’ll house you in a shelter
A box that’s safe and dry
You’ll never have to leave it
If only you’ll comply.”

He watched me with amusement
As I entertained his plea
And since I had no questions
He continued on with glee…

“I’ll babysit your children
Teach them mastery
I’ll mold them into something
Just leave it all to me;

I’ll place you in an order
In a job with dignity
You’ll serve the greater good
Just leave it all to me;

I’ll plant a chip inside you
Give you identity
You’ll never go unnoticed
Just leave it all to me;

I’ll mask all your symptoms
Of a false reality
Just turn over your well being
Outsource it all to me;

I’ll translate all your difference
Into plain equality
Just give me your uniqueness
It’s all the same to me.”

He could sense my resistance
As my heart began to muse
So he pressed harder onward
Before I could refuse…

“I’ll remove all your obstacles
So you’ll never have to lose
I’ll fix life in your favor
To what I know you’d choose;

I’ll feed you your essentials
Your GMO-fried news
I’ll inform you in my image
It’s what I know you’d choose;

I’ll weaponize your fear
And direct you how to use
I’ll aim it at your brother
It’s what I know you’d choose;

I’ll create a system for you
To control your attitude
You’ll be happy in this system
Of indentured servitude;

I’ll censor you opponents
And crush all you dissenters
You signed away your rights
In this contract that you entered.”

He shouted with a rage
With commanding dictate
I wanted to rebuke him
But he would not abate.

“I’ll cover you in darkness
And smother you in terror
You’ll obey my every order
I tolerate no error;

I’ll deliver you to evil
To fury and disaster
You’ll do as you are told
The bidding of your master;

I’ll put my mark upon you
You’ll be my property
You gave me all your power
You gave it all to me.”

I could feel his weight upon me
My walls were caving in
My game had played out for me
Before I could begin;
I tried to stand up to him
But cut off at the knees
I found myself bowing
At the altar of disease.

Then at this very moment
With my spirit all but taken
A light grew inside me
And I started to awaken;
I remembered that my power
Was only mine to give
I remembered that my life
Was only mine to live
I remembered that the Truth
Doesn’t exist in a lie,

And such hell can’t befall us
If we don’t comply.


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