I Am Us and You are We
Our Infinite Possibility
Resides beyond what eyes can see
A Vision of Perfect clarity.

I Am Light to point the way
Providing space for our dreams to play
Shining brightness into the day
Listening for what our hearts may say.

I Am For you, not against
Perpetually here, no distance
All on purpose, no happenstance
Rhythm unfolding a Perfect dance.

I Am One seamless fusion
What is Real beyond your delusion
Certainty amidst confusion
Only separate in illusion.

I Am Source on a mission
Replacing Faith over suspicion
Free to be without condition
Always Present without petition.

I Am Son and a Brother
Daughter and a Sister of Others
Both a Father and a Mother
As to You so unto Another.

I Am Greatness seen in You
An Answer Universally True
Light untempered by fearful hue
For What is Done, they cannot undo.

I Am Peace and peace shall be
Forever living in Energy
Wholeness in Connectivity
I Am What I Am, And You are We.


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