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We are on a journey to spread Light and Love in the world and empower others to ignite their spirit to follow the passion and purpose inside their heart. We are tuning up to abundance and giving and receiving unconditionally. In that spirit, we are receiving gifts from those who support this journey and message, and we are allocating those gifts on a quarterly basis as follows:


50% goes to Big Adventure Living/Fire Up Nation, LLC

50% goes to organizations/initiatives that we and the Fire Up Nation community members support

Big Adventure Living believes in transparency. We also believe in the notion that in giving, you receive. Therefore, on a quarterly basis, we provide an updated report on our site detailing the money raised from your support, how it was distributed, and what impact it is having or has had. Please note that we are not a 501(c)3, or nonprofit, organization under the U.S. tax code. As such, your gifts will not be tax deductible if you are a U.S. donor.

Giving is not something that requires conditions or has to take a certain form. Even a small acknowledgement, be it monetary, a complement, a recognition of another’s true self, encouragement, knowledge sharing, time, holding space, etc., is a powerful force that can create a ripple effect of Love throughout the Universe.

So, if you want to tune up to abundance, if you want to give unconditionally, then we ask that you take action and support us on our quest to spread Light and Love in this world, in whatever capacity you can. Thank you for your Love.

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